Una Storia lunga più di 50 anni

Giolli Industria Colori nasce nel 1968 a Calcinelli di Saltara in provincia di Pesaro e Urbino con la missione di produrre colori per l’industria e l’edilizia. Giolli si è contraddistinta negli anni per l’ascolto verso i clienti, attuando sul mercato con grande flessibilità. Oggi Giolli si posiziona sul mercato come punto di riferimento per il proprio servizio di supporto all’applicazione del prodotto.

Nel 2006 Giolli lancia un piano di investimenti finalizzato a portare l’azienda nel terzo millennio non solo come leader di servizio e flessibilità ma anche di dimensione.

Giolli mette a disposizione un’ampia gamma di prodotti, supporto tecnico e consulenza per poter realizzare opere con soluzioni tecniche e decorative mirate.

L’azienda si estende su di una superficie di 5000 mq dove vengono realizzati tutti i prodotti della sua gamma. Il catalogo Giolli vanta una serie completa di prodotti per Interni ed esterni (Pitture ad acqua, silossaniche, acriliche ecc.) una serie di prodotti per legno (vernici ed impregnanti) applicazioni speciali nonchè una splendida collezione di pitture decorative in continua evoluzione in funzione del gusto e del design contemporaneo. Operando in oltre 30 Paesi e grazie alla propria capacità di saper interpretare i continui cambiamenti del mercato, Giolli è diventato oggi un punto di riferimento per Architetti, Rivenditori e Utilizzatori nel vasto panorama internazionale.

  • Controllo del processo produttivo

  • Conformità del prodotto

  • Basso impatto ambientale

  • Rapporto umano al centro dell’attenzione

Oggi 2018

Giolli Srl today is a brillantand dynamic company who operates all over the world manufacturing high quality paints for over 50 years Giolli’scatalogue includes a wide range of products for Internal or External applications (water based, acrylic, siloxanicetc) as well as a wonderful collection of Polished plasters and Decorative paints. (like Marmorino, Stucco Antico, Travertino, Argentea, Antico Riflessoand many more)Thanks to the great work environment, strongly and wisely fueled by the Pietrelli Family, the company staff positive mood contributes making GIOLLI a dynamic square, where the interplay between people, ideas and products find the perfect balance. A smart space dedicated to showrooms, meeting rooms and training courses for desiner paints application.

Mercati Internazionali 2014

The opening of new international markets practiced in the past five years, ìis offering us the opportunity to lay a solid business partnerships that allow us to look to the future with great expectations and trust. If we were able to expand beyond national borders is also thanks to the successful development of the decorative line in which we have introduced absolute novelties in terms of aesthetic finishes highly sought, presented with illustrative material with an high level of graphic design.

Fiera di Bologna 2006

The communication of our identity and our way of doing business goes through numerous functions and moments of our work. The exchange, comparison, communication that we implement every day on the phone with our customers, with visits to the store or on the construction site of our technicians or through information and promotion carried out by our agents on the market, all of these are for us moments of growth and interaction. The fairs are an important time for us of exchange and knowledge. And the highlight in which to meet new business partners and tour to showcase the latest innovations in the field of technologies and finishes. Saie Due of Bologna in 2006, it has been the first importnant event.

Acquisizione aziendale 2004

Giancarlo Pietrelli convinced of the future possibilities of Giolli to act as a market leader in paints, in 2004 decided to acquire full control of the company with the liquidation of the members. Are appointed administrators Massimiliano and Giancarlo Pietrelli which together are launching a new investment plan designed to bring the company into the third millennium, not only as the leader of the product but also service. The first stage is the construction of a new factory, back in the City of Calcinelli, that would meet the expected future production requirements of the paint manufacturer.

Inizi del 2000

Over the years Giolli has evolved a lot as well as the synthetic chemistry in the world and we are committed to working always following, if not anticipating, industry regulations on the use of chemicals with lower environmental impact through the adoption of raw materials less polluting and harmful to living organisms. Giolli has consistently worked in the reformulation of their paintings in order to ensure maximum performance with products that are more healthful.

Gli anni ’90

Thanks to the experience gained in the first two decades the company consolidates its name. From a factory purely local the company is able to turn into a national caliber when it fits into its team some representatives that allow him to cover a large part of the Italian territory.

1988 – Il Trasferimento a Fano

Initially they start with the production of a few products: a tempera painting an interior plastic and the classic thick coatings of the period: bucciati, graffiati and rustici. With these they make themselves known on the market for their quality. After a few years the production was diversified with the introduction of solvent-based paints and varnishes. When the plant in Calcinelli is no longer sufficient to ensure the coverage of the growing market demand as a result of strong growth in sales that the company gets in the ‘80s, exactly twenty years after its opening, in 1988 is purchased and it moved into the new facility in Fano. Here are invested large capitals in the automation of business processes with the purchase of machinery able to increase the daily production capacity per employee.

1968 – L’inizio

Giolli was born in 1968 in Calcinelli di Saltara in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. At the time, four men, little more than boys, decide to open a paints factory, trusting in the experience gained from two of them, chemists, within another local paint factory. The mission that arise is to produce paints for the building.