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Universal colourants for waterborne paints and solvent-based enamels

Universal colourant in semi-fluid paste format with a high pigment concentration. The colourant is stable over time, will not dry or separate, easy to use and all of the shades can be mixed together. Can be used to colour by mixing only. Almost all painting products (washable paint, water- and solvent-based enamels, nitro cellulose enamels, water-based paints, tempera, etc…) for interiors and exteriors. Colours available: LW81 violet, L 36 orange, L15 corn yellow, L32 signal red, LW62 bright green, LW 71 black, LW 21 blue, L12 chrome yellow, LW11 oxide yellow, LW31 red oxide, LW51 burnt sienna

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waterborne paints and solvent-based enamels